Relax and Warm Up

Electric, heated stone furniture designed to keep people comfortable in their favorite spaces. An elegantly humane, and environmentally responsible alternative to conventional heating methods.

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As Seen In

Transformative Warmth

Smooth and warm like a river stone set out in the sun, our pieces are comfortable, durable, and beautiful. Many have said they are as relaxing as being in a hot tub without having to get wet. They completely change the way people can experience the outdoors while simultaneously offering an elegant solution to conventional outdoor heating methods.

Product Features

Temperature Control

Adjustable warmth at the gentle turn of a dial

Integrated Drainage

Subtle brass drains let gravity do the work to keep your seat dry

Plug-In Ready

Customize your desired cord length and placement on any piece

Adjustable Rear Feet

Eliminate wobbling on a variety of surfaces.

Your Warming Solution

Heated furniture offers a more convenient and cost-effective way to stay warm outdoors. Since it only heats the area you’re sitting or lying in, it becomes more energy-efficient than heaters that have to heat an entire room. Plus, heated outdoor furniture can be designed with style so as not to detract from your existing decor – making your outside space comfortable while maintaining its aesthetic beauty.

Care and Maintenance

Using warm water and a non-abrasive cloth or towel, gently wipe the surface of your chair once every few weeks to remove surface oils and visible dirt or bird-droppings. At most, a mild dish soap (Dawn) diluted in warm water should work on problem areas.

Turn on chair and using a dry, non-abrasive towel, remove excess moisture, and let chair dry completely for best results.

  • If leaving furniture unattended for months at a time, carefully move indoors, or cover with waterproof tarp, being careful to gather edges using a bungee cord around the legs of furniture.

  • Check drainage holes regularly for blockage to ensure efficient drainage between cleanings.

  • Resealing kits available for a small fee (to cover shipping) by request.

Ignite Warmth

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