Your Urban Retreat Awaits

Your Modern Getaway

Upgrade your outdoor living space to a whole new level with Galanter & Jones’ luxurious heated furniture. Paired with balcony screens to keep the elements and insects at bay, you’ll be relaxing comfortably in a visually stunning oasis.


Ideal for mid to high-rise applications

Experience a newfound sense of privacy, security, and comfort with the perfect addition to your home. Make relaxation stress-free as you take in all the benefits that let you lounge in peace. Enjoy an upgrade that’s sure to make any space luxurious.

Outdoor Living Elevated

Heated Furniture by Galanter & Jones

Enjoy your outdoor living space all year round with the comfort and warmth of Galanter & Jones’ Heated Furniture. Combining luxurious style, comfort, and convenience into one package, you can stay warm on crisp mornings or cool evenings without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.
Heated furniture offers a more convenient and cost-effective way to stay warm outdoors. Since it only heats the area you’re sitting or lying in, it becomes more energy-efficient than heaters that have to heat an entire room. Plus, heated outdoor furniture can be designed with style so as not to detract from your existing decor – making your outside space comfortable while maintaining its aesthetic beauty.

Bring Your Vision to Life